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After School Program


12:00pm Break time 
Homework help 
Math/Writing/ Reading 

4:00pm - 5:00pm Mandarin Classes 

5:00pm - 6pm Academic Activities 

1st - 8th Grade

3:00pm Homework Help 
4:00pm Writing / Math / Reading 
5:00pm  Mandarin Classes 

Academic Activities / Art / Public Speaking / Spelling

Summer Camp Program

Week 1  

Debate Summer Camp                                 

Week 2 

Debate Summer Camp Advanced Topics        

Week 3 

Robotics + Brain Games (Mind’s Eye)            

Week 4

Robotics + Brain Games (Confounding Logic)

Week 6 

Public Speaking + Writing                             

Week 7 

Creative Drawing+ Math + Spelling Bee         

Week 8 









Please note: Schedule is subject to change without notice. 

Public Speaking Class

Debate Summer Camp

Debate  Summer Camp

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