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What Kindergarteners Need to Know Before First Grade

1. Hold a pencil correctly

2. Listen and follow simple directions

3. Read a DRA leveled 4 book

4. Know the days of the week/months/seasons/yesterday, today, and tomorrow

5. Know their letters and the sounds they make

6. Write and recognize upper and lower case letters

7. Know how to write and recognize a sentence

8. Write name correctly

9. Have a base of 25 known words (read and spell)

10. Be able to sound out and spell CVC pattern words

11. Know how to hear and say rhyming words

12. Sequence four series of pictures in correct order and tell about it using the main idea and details of pictures

13. Add and subtract problems up to 10 14. Identify coins and amount value for penny, nickel, and dime

15. Know how to recognize shapes, colors, and size of objects and to sort objects

16. Compare objects using more/less, shorter/longer, heavier/lighter

17. Read and help make simple graphs 18. Using a graph, the student can tell which group has the most and the least amount of votes

19. Copy sequenced patterns, tell what is next in a pattern, and create a new pattern

20. Know and use words regarding special relationship (in front of, in back of, beside, next to)

21. Write numbers in order from 0-20 and match set of objects up to 20

22. Compare two sets of object using more or less

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